What is a KASA Report?

Large accounts with multiple contacts and complex decision making processes are difficult, at best, to navigate. A Key Account Strategic Action Report (KASA) is your road map to retaining and growing large accounts that are strategic to the success of your business.

KASA reports help you to:

Our customers have told us that by using an unbiased third party to assess their customers’ needs, goals, and problems, they have been able to retain and grow relationships with their most important customers. Using an objective third party perspective in the interview process, we provide data that precludes “customer apprehension” and obtains the most candid answers possible.

Key Account Strategic Action reports are structured to provide succinct executive-level data, supported by detailed research results, yet are easy to read and are user-friendly. We work with you to understand your unique customer requirements and desired outcomes so that we develop an effective research and reporting strategy.