DISC Communication Styles
The DISC Model, used extensively throughout the world, is based on observable human behavior. People act with similar characteristics everywhere, and by learning these basic characteristics; people can increase their communication (even when you don't speak the language)!

The foundation of effective communication is grounded in

Approximately 75% of the population, some whom are critical to your success:

Online Behavioral Assessments
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Why Are Behaviors Important to Organizations?
Training programs produce the greatest bottom-line impact when they focus on behaviors that are clearly linked to the organizational strategy and business goals. Behaviors that make the most difference to the vitality of an organization are those that are most valuable to have, based on research which surfaces effective and ineffective organizational behaviors. So the key to successful training and performance consulting is to ensure that effective behaviors are translated into the workplace.

There are a wide variety of behavioral models. We use the DISC behavioral model because it has a proven track record, is easy to understand and remember, and has been tested for validity. Thousands of companies have used it to improve:
• Communication
• Sales
• Customer Service
• Team Functionality, and
• Leadership.

Why Are Assessments Valuable?
The first step towards new behavior is to simply recognize the need to change. Assessments provide a mirror for us to recognize our behaviors. Combined with coaching, mentoring, or feedback, assessments help individuals, teams, and leaders to identify potential behavioral barriers to success and then to correct them.

Why Learn About Behavior?
Learning about a behavioral model will help a person to better understand themselves and others, enhancing personal and professional relationships. Our models help build a common language for people to better articulate needs, differences, and shared visions to one another.
Such learning helps to improve:
• Communication
• Productivity, and
• Job Satisfaction

Participants who have attended our DISC communications behaviors workshops tell us that their assessment results are 80% or more accurate; they are energized and ready to apply the knowledge gained. Our tailored scenario discussions help participants integrate and accelerate their on-the-job application of new skills and knowledge.

Our behavioral models can be used in a variety of ways:
• Coaching and Feedback Processes
• Team Building
• Social Relationships
• Job Selection
• Customer Service
• Enhanced Sales Relationships
• Improved Presentation Skills
• Career Planning
• Conflict Resolution
• Time Management
• Goal Setting
• Telemarketing

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What are the four DiSC Communication Styles?