TTI Success Insights Sales DISC Assessment

Targeted to Uniqueness
The Success Insights Sales Assessment is geared towards the sales professional. In some respects, a sales force is the same as any other group of employees. In other respects, it is quite different. MFS Sales take the crucial differences into account and provides information on an individual’s style of selling.

Selling Characteristics
In today’s competitive marketplace, success in selling is more challenging and requires a higher level of skill. MFS Sales provides computer generated reports that give the sales professional a broad understanding of his/her natural sales style.
The assessment analyzes and details what type of product they prefer to sell, how they handle sales presentations, as well as how they close and service their accounts. Because all people are unique, no two reports are alike.

What Customers Want
Customers want caring service along with top quality products. They want friendly, honest relationship with their sales professional, and they want custom-made solutions to their short and long term problems. MFSSales offers insights on how to adapt a specific sales style to give customers what they want.

Overextended strengths can often be perceived as weaknesses. MFS Sales identifies these perceptions and provides information on how under certain conditions (tension, stress or fatigue) customer may see this behavior as negative. This knowledge will help the sales professional create an image that is positive and supportive under any condition.

Overcoming The “Sales Slump”
Ninety percent of all sales professionals who experience a sales slump have merely lost sight of the behavior it takes to be successful. When a sales professional is “on a roll,” he/she projects behavior that is confident and successful. When a slump occurs, that projected behavior is unsure and careful. With MFS Sales you can quickly turn their slump into success.