360 Feedback Tools

360 Feedback Assessments, also called multi-source feedback or multi-rater assessments, allow employees to get more substantial feedback on their work knowledge, skills, and behavior than traditional supervisory one-on-one appraisals. By garnering anonymous feedback from not only an employee’s supervisor, but co-workers, direct reports, other select internal customers and even, at times, external customers, employees can get more honest and helpful feedback to assist them in developing in their professional roles.

Our 360 Feedback tool can be customized to include the questions you want to ask and the answer scales you want to provide.

Our 360 online assessment is easy to use, easy to administer, and easy to interpret.

360-Degree Feedback
Perception is reality. Success stems from knowing how others perceive you. A 360-degree feedback assessment will identify areas in which a person is performing at or below standard, as assessed by his/her boss, self, peers, and customers (if applicable). A 360-degree assessment is a powerful tool for helping individuals improve, grow, and develop their interpersonal skills through personalized feedback.

A 360 assessment shows an individual what others think his or her performance is versus what it should be. Understanding others' perceptions can increase an individual's understanding of what it will take for success, especially when he/she is given the information in a constructive manner.

It is imperative that necessary follow-up strategies are adhered to in order to have a successful outcome. A 360 assessment is to be used as a starting point for a developmental process. The reports should be facilitated in a way that leads to a complete process for improvement. When individuals look at a 360 as a starting point to an improvement process, they feel more secure with the information given to them.

Features of Our OD Surveys 360
• Customized Survey Questions
• Customized Answer Scales
• Open-ended Questions
• Demographic Breakdowns
• Online
• Easy to Interpret

Success stems from knowing how others perceive you. A 360-degree feedback assessment provides this information. Using 360 assessments will increase professional development and overall productivity.

Sample 360 Feedback for Leaders

1. Explores new approaches and ideas regardless of where they come from.
2. Tells people where we are successful and where we need to be in the future.
3. Takes the time to explain how work assignments contribute to larger objectives.

1. Takes the most ethical and honest approach even if it is unpopular or inconvenient.
2. Is a good example of the behavior he/she asks for.
3. Accepts responsibility instead of blaming others.

1. Accepts others’ disagreement with his/her position without becoming angry or getting even.
2. Makes it safe for others to open up when they seem to be holding back their opinion.
3. Starts a potentially difficult conversation by clarifying shared objectives.

Financial Performance
1. Carefully plans cost effective ways to get things done while improving profit margins.
2. Shares financial and market information with others.
3. Analyzes financial implications of different business decisions.