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Selecting Superior Performers: Safely Under the Law
Selecting High Performers
For the last 30 years, I have observed organizations hiring people that were not the best candidate for the position to avoid any potential liability from an EEOC claim. There is nothing in the law that says you must hire an inferior candidate. The law simply states that you, and any of the systems you use, cannot discriminate against the protected group(s). This paper is not intended to provide you with a way to get around the law, but rather to provide you with a system for hiring that does not allow typical human biases to enter into the process.

Employer Branding: Winning the Post Recession Competition for Talent
Employer Branding
Every company is known by the public via two distinct brands, its employer brand and its consumer brand. Understanding what distinguishes the employer brand and how it may affect attracting and retaining superior performers can be the difference between spring-loading out of a recession and not recovering at all.

Moving High Potentials Into Star Performers
Moving High Potentials
These market leaders are getting a profit boost by making use of talent management systems. There is a wealth of expertise available to help employers better deploy talent, and data shows that strategic talent management pays off handsomely. Results from Ernst & Young’s Global Talent Management Survey show that companies that integrate and align business strategies with talent management deliver higher shareholder value. Those with the best alignment “had significantly higher financial performance [a 20% higher annual return on equity (ROE) over a five-year period] than those that did not.” 1 Going forward, successful competition in the marketplace is increasingly correlated to a company’s ability to attract, retain and develop talent.

ROI: Big Results in a Small Growth Company
ROI-Big Results
What actually happens when a TTI Value Added Associate conducts job benchmarks, employee assessments and professional development training in a business? This article uses several examples from businesses small and large, for profit and nonprofit, to show the savings in time, energy and resources that are available when an organization invests wisely in research validated, proven technologies for benchmarking jobs, hiring and developing superior performers.

Controlling Emotions in the Workplace: The Impact on Your Bottom Line
Controlling Emotions in the Workplace
Emotional intelligence is the foundation of sound decision making, which is at the core of consistently high performance. Studies on the impact of emotional intelligence in the workplace emphasize that organizations with higher levels of emotional intelligence reap benefits in productivity and success; therefore forward thinkers continue to mine it for business tools that lead to superior performance. Business leaders who use Emotional Quotient expertise to build an emotionally intelligent culture do gain a competitive edge for their organization in the marketplace.

Job Matching - The Key to Performance
Job Matching Key to Performance
Job matching is the science of carefully defining superior performance in each position and using objective criteria to determine who is hired. The process goes deeper than conventional employment methods to create the most comprehensive definition possible of why a job exists. It’s the science and the art of carefully matching the right person to the job that’s ideally suited for them. The result is someone who is happier on the job and has a head start towards meeting aggressive performance goals. Traditional hiring methods that use only a job description and a list of desirable technical, educational and job experiences as filters, plus a favorable interview have not worked. TTI’s job matching process is state-of-of-the-art, based on 30 years of research into the components of superior performance. From recruitment to retention to professional development, TTI Performance Systems, Ltd. is the worldwide leader in personal and professional assessment tools.