Programs and Cultural Transformation

Our learning processes:
Promote and support necessary changes in behaviors and attitudes
Integrate key structural components, and
Align the senior managers with front-line employees.

Our customer service training programs include:
“Shining Star” Customer Service Improvement Series
Make Customer Service Your Competitive Edge – Create a Customer Service Values-Based Culture
Communication Skills: The Fundamentals
Communicating With REACH
Customer Service Skills for Phone and Face to Face
Phone Etiquette for Customer Service
Selling Skills for Non-Traditional Sales People (Administrators, Case Managers, Recruiters)

Because customer training programs are rarely the only solution required to create a sustainable competitive service advantage, we also provide consulting services to align your processes, culture, and/or strategy.

When we began developing customer service solutions, we had one burning question in mind, “How can we help our customers provide service that will create a sustainable competitive advantage in their market?”

More than ever, businesses are striving to differentiate themselves through service. In order to rise above the noise, companies must execute on the promise to exceed their customers’ expectations. In reality, how many actually succeed?

We studied customers in order to answer that question. We learned that most companies have some kind of customer service training program. Many companies spend outrageous amounts of money in order to train customer service skills, but they still fail to attain their goals. Why?

The problem typically lies within the current organizational structure: either in measurements, coaching, leadership, culture, or strategy. One or more of these key components is not aligned with the skills or principles conveyed to employees through training. Another reason is that the training itself is designed or delivered poorly.

So, how do you enroll all levels in customer service?

Today, customers have high expectations. Innovative companies have set the bar high for customer service. People rightfully expect responsible, empathetic, and competent service from companies they do business with. However, there is still a lot of room for improvement. And, if you don’t think your competitors are investigating this angle, think again. Great customer service wins every time. This does not mean a smiley face without substance. Great customer service equates to empowered employees that can provide action and solve problems on the customer’s behalf. To achieve this level of customer service, we believe in a four-tiered approach that engages all levels of a company. For optimum customer service results, leaders within the organization guide strategy to:

Create Using “The Tetrahedron” model to facilitate a leadership customer-service session, Wilson Ellis provides on-site facilitation with leadership teams to determine the ideal strategy, culture, structure, and skill sets required for a competitively advantageous customer service program. We believe leaders should drive a values-driven culture to enhance and support a successful customer service initiative.

Plan The Wilson Ellis Company will help build a curriculum plan for a short-term or long-term customer service initiative that encompasses all levels of the organization or targets a specific group such as customer service representatives.

Define The Wilson Ellis Company, through internal and external customer research, will help define key components of the organization’s current behavior that will prevent or facilitate excellent customer service performance. Wilson Ellis will help define those preferred competencies in the organization that will support and drive a quality initiative and correctly measure performance against best practices.

Measure Customer Service Outcomes and Expectations The Wilson Ellis Company will help determine a measurement system that radiates throughout the company and is congruent with quality audits, the company’s values, best practices, and competencies.

Additionally, Wilson Ellis will train coaches and auditors to accurately measure preferred performance and give appropriate and helpful feedback that facilitates improvement.