Common Ethical Quandaries in Leadership
If any of these look familiar, you are not alone. Most managers tell us they have had to deal with at least 20 of the following circumstances at least once in their career. You may have 20 on your desk right now.

Such dilemmas reside at the core of each leader’s job. In many circumstances it is difficult to resist making decisions that are counter-intuitive because of precedent, policy, or an expectation of profit at any cost. Good morals and values are no guarantee that people will not succumb to the pressure of an “everybody for himself” culture or the expectations of stakeholders. Navigating through these waters even if you possess a strong moral compass can be difficult when circumstances are tightly interwoven with a desired business outcome. For these reasons, it is important that leaders have thinking and communication tools that help them to maintain a consciousness about their actions and the impact on others.
Laura L. Nash, Good Intentions Aside – A Manager’s Guide to Resolving Ethical Problems (Harvard Business School Press, Boston Massachusetts, 1993 ) pg. 9-10.