Is there an important aspect of your business you would like to change?

Many businesses know what change they want to achieve but may not understand as clearly how to get where they want to go. Ideally change is managed in a systematic, planned, and methodical way that addressed the needs of the people as well as the business. Consultants at Wilson Ellis are here to help make transitions in your organization as seamless as possible, by facilitating you through each stage in the process.

Our Philosophy: We believe that change management initiative begins with understanding the company’s current and desired structure, strategy, skills, and culture. One or more of these key components will be affected by any major organizational change. The final outcome of the project should ensure that these four key organizational components are working in dynamic relationship to each other to support both the desired state and ongoing organizational activities.
This model provides a framework to help you identify key actions that either enable or represent obstacles to achieving your desired performance outcome. By considering all four components, we can help you more accurately predict the outcomes of any major organizational change.

Strategy Development and Plan Implementation Overview:
In our change management process, we help you to determine project teams and membership based on the four organizational components. Within each team we facilitate a process of determining the team’s shared vision (where they would like to go) and a shared reality (where they are now.) The next step for each team is to conduct an analysis of the gap between their vision and reality. We guide teams through the process of creating strategies designed to close the gap and help teams determine which actions create the most leverage in achieving goals. The outcome of this process is a detailed plan of action to most efficiently achieve company goals for each team. Finally we work with you to identify or create feedback mechanisms that ensure you are on the right track with your process.

Wilson Ellis Focus:
Wilson Ellis strives to create the most value for your company by using our knowledge and expertise to elicit creative and effective solutions from your people. Our change management process is designed to increase awareness of challenges facing your company and provides a structure for solving problems. We help you capitalize on your internal resources and direct you to outside resources only when necessary.

Oftentimes, training is a critical part of a change management process. Wilson Ellis brings to the table expertise in classroom training, curriculum design, meeting facilitation, and train-the-trainer programs. We believe in providing solutions that most effectively address your company’s unique needs.

Key Components:
The following provides an overview of key components of a typical change management program or project. Every initiative is unique, and project steps should be tailored to meet specific organizational and environmental challenges.