Rave Reviews

We are delighted to receive customer feedback, our goal is RAVE reviews. We are happy to share references with new clients as this is how we grow our business, through your satisfaction.

"Wilson Ellis is a game changer for this company. Thank you for what you have done for us, truly". ~ Senior Vice President Sales ~ Fortune 50 Drug Company

"We are so thankful to have had you and your wonderful team to work with on our Service Excellence journey! You turned a concept that seemed out of reach at times to something that was tangible and truly amazing for this organization…we could not have done it without you!!!" ~ Director of Training for a Regional Health System

“Just wanted to shoot you a quick note to say thank you for a very beneficial and enjoyable class! I'm scared to get the video back. But in all seriousness, I feel I've really grown since last year. You are the reason why…I hope to see you again soon!” ~ Trainer, Hi-Tech Company

"I really enjoyed meeting you last week. You're probably the most versatile trainer I've ever encountered and I'm not surprised that you seem to do so well. For the first time, just by watching you, I really began to understand that my experience as a trainer could prove invaluable to me if I seek a career path outside my current company. Thank you for an enlightening experience, and good luck in your endeavors!" ~Sales Trainer, Nashville

"Just wanted to say thanks for your excellent training on telephone selling. I'm sure everyone got something out of the class, some more than others. Our class has a lot of people at different levels, and I think your teaching style fits this environment very well. I personally learned some great ways to question, check and close my future … customers". ~ Sales person, Hi-Tech Company

"This class was FANTASTIC. A definite highlight of my career here. Your input was excellent and very professionally done. I never realized how big a change my mindset would require to go from transactional to relationship selling. This gets me off on the right foot". ~Leasing and Sales, Hi-Tech

"It has been a real true pleasure meeting you. More importantly the opportunity to be trained by you was the grandest. I appreciate the fact that you took the time to sit with me 2 hours and take me through the websites for the very important research needed for all sales opportunities. Not only that but you have really tapped into my brain something I had not been shown here. We get a lot of training here: time and other challenges just don't allow the extra touches sometimes. Again, thanks for looking out for me! I can see that you have a lot of valuable information to share and I hope to be a successful, all round dynamic consultant like you." ~ Emerging Markets Account Manager, East Coast

"…Her high degree of technical competency is superbly matched by her excellent people skills and superb ability to transmit technical knowledge at a level where it can be understood even by the less technical minded of our staff…" ~Divisional Manager, Sales, Financial Services Company

"…Thank you for helping and encouraging me to step outside of my safe zone, learn new methods, and reach new goals…" ~ Trainer, Research Company

"Thank you for helping us to define our roles! We really appreciate your assistance in keeping on track." ~ International Management Group for an IT Department, Hi-Tech Company

"…Thanks for being so helpful and accessible during the time we’ve worked together. I admire your spirit, intelligence, and professionalism…" ~ Director, Pharmaceutical Contract Research Company

"We would not be together as a company without your help…" ~ CEO"