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Brad Johnson
Senior Consultant

Based in Lubbock, Texas

Brad brings extensive experience in strategy, business development, change management and organizational alignment within numerous sectors of the healthcare industry. Following more than a dozen years of internally- and externally-based consulting, he enjoyed eight years working from the inside of large hospitals/systems to drive profitable outcomes and market share expansion and growth every single year.

Among Brad’s accomplishments, he has worked with and been a member of a senior executive team to reverse a ten-year decline in market share, increase volumes, and improve financial performance and initiate cultural improvements. Additionally, Brad was instrumental in putting in place a facility-wide and service line specific strategy while managing physician relations and collaborative ventures. His understanding of healthcare operations, key strategic drivers and staying on the forecasting edge of healthcare changes has instilled in Brad a passion to help drive changes in healthcare today.

Strategy, organizational change, strategic and business development, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, market analysis and market strategies, service line strategy, data-driven decision making, physician/hospital alignment and service excellence.

Brad has a passion for:
“Healthcare is fun because of its complexity and constant, new challenges. How could anyone not love helping organizations compete to be the best at delivering great health improvements and make a difference in people’s lives and well being?”