Wilson Ellis consultants have years of experience facilitating small and large groups toward performance improvement, consensus, business advancement, problem solving, and team building. We use questioning techniques, problem solving tools and interactive methodologies that allow for optimum participation and results. We believe in creating a safe environment for people to share ideas and information and employ fun, interactive exercises that help you achieve your goals.
We work with companies who expect:
  • Hands-on business and leadership experience
  • Excellent facilitation and training
  • Creative, fun, learner-centered curricula
  • Customized methods and programs that develop “best practices” in a specific environment or position
  • A wide variety of programs and tools to choose from
  • Interactive instructional design
  • Measurable results
  • High quality at a reasonable cost
  • Fast turn-around on delivery
  • Mutual trust and respect
  • Flexible licensing agreements for turn-key solutions
  • Noncompete and non-disclosure agreements
  • Industry best practices in design and delivery
Our Structure
The Wilson Ellis Company is made up of a core group of highly qualified performance and training consultants, as well as a virtual network of long-term associates that offer additional expertise when necessary. This structure allows us to provide our clients with the right team at the right price.

We are different
We work with our customers to build organizational structures that support learning without creating dependency on outside consultants. We seek to gain a depth of understanding with each of our clients so that we can consistently provide value and earn our relationships every day.

Helping customers imagine possibilities, build structure and create high performing people.
The Wilson Ellis Team